The process of getting dental implants is life-changing. The restoration of biting and chewing function can significantly elevate your quality of life, especially if you’ve been living with missing or failing teeth for years. However, not everyone is a strong candidate for dental implants – at least not at first. But dental grafting procedures can remedy poor candidacy in many cases. Take a look at various types of dental grafting to find out how that can improve your candidacy for life-changing dental implants.

Bone Grafting: Building a Firm Foundation for Implants

In order to enjoy long-term success with dental implants, you’ll need a firm foundation to embed them in. Bone grafting can help regenerate bone, providing a reliable foundation for dental implants.

Here’s an overview of bone grafting for dental implants:

·         Graft material is taken from a donor bank or another area of the body

·         Graft material is placed in the deteriorated area of the jawbone

·         A membrane encases the graft material to guide the regeneration of bone

The entire process will take months to complete, usually at least four of them.

Ridge Augmentation: Rebuilding the Structure of Your Smile

With bone loss in the jaw comes a loss in the definition of the smile. Essentially, the smile begins to sag with the jawbones begin to deteriorate.

Ridge augmentation is a bone grafting procedure that aims to regenerate lost jawbone to help rebuild the smile. This procedure can be a highly impactful complement to getting dental implants. Along with brand new teeth, you’ll get a more defined and vibrant smile though ridge augmentation.

Sinus Lift: Making Space for Implants

With age, the sinus can begin to sag inside the mouth and take up space needed for dental implants. A sinus lift tucks back the sinuses, using bone grafting to hold the sinuses back.

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