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Dr. Joseph Amalfitano, the leading periodontist in Traverse City, MI would like to welcome you to his practice. Having served as a periodontist in Traverse City, MI, for more than 20 years, Dr. Amalfitano is the most experienced fixed full mouth dental implants and LANAP® provider in Traverse City. Director of the Traverse City Study Club and a board-certified periodontist Dr. Amalfitano and his team provide a caring environment, world-class periodontics, a thorough evaluation using the latest diagnostic equipment and modern treatment facilities.

Healthy gums are a necessary ingredient for a healthy, fully functioning smile. Dr. Amalfitano specializes in the care of the gums. He offers a wide range of gum disease treatments, including scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, and LANAP®, a minimally invasive laser treatment for periodontal disease. Dr. Amalfitano keeps himself informed of cutting-edge treatments that have begun to limit the need for invasive surgeries, and adopts new technologies to best serve his patients.

New Patients
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New Patients

We work very closely with a number of referring general dentists, but we gladly see patients without referrals.
Dr. Amalfitano is proud to practice periodontics and implant dentistry in Traverse City, MI. If you are in need of a periodontist in Traverse City, MI, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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Financing & Insurance Options

Dr. Amalfitano is proud to practice periodontics and implant dentistry in Traverse City, MI.

If you are in need of a periodontist in Traverse City, MI, contact our office today to schedule a consultation!

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"Absolutely great! I'm glad I came up here for my dental work. Everyone here is so friendly and they do great work. I had to have teeth pulled and never felt a thing and only needed ibuprofen to manage any pain after they were out. I would highly recommend Dr. Amalfitano to anyone needing dental work."
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"Dr. Amalfitano and his staff are great! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Appreciate how efficient their office is."
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"Front desk staff are always very helpful. Hygienists are very caring, listen to my concerns. Dr Joe is kind, always ready to provide helpful info. Highly recommended!"
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"Dr Amalfitano and his staff are great to work with. They solved my dental problems and keep my mouth healthy. Great outcomes and great people."
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"Always very friendly when I come in the door. Even when I am early they are ready to take me back. Staff explain procedures, medications and aftercare thoroughly. Doctor Amalfitano takes time to explain process, listens and answers questions. Every visit has been enjoyable. Great care!"

Life-Changing Dental Implant Treatment

One Day. One New Smile.

As a periodontist, Dr. Amalfitano offers truly transformative smile rehabilitations with fixed full arch dental implants. By placing just four or more dental implants into the jawbone at strategic angles, Dr. Amalfitano can eliminate the need for bone grafting and drastically reduce treatment time. In just one day he can extract decayed, or damaged teeth, place dental implants and give patients a functional and natural-looking smile. Adopting the responsibilities of a natural tooth root, dental implants form a lasting bond with the jawbone promoting proper bone health and offering patients nearly 100% restored biting function. You no longer have to feel embarrassed about your smile. With fixed full arch dental implants, you can eat what you want, speak confidently and live life freely again.

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Fixed Full Mouth Dental implants

Our highly trained periodontist, Dr. Amalfitano, will put you at ease and provide you with exceptional care.

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Dr. Joseph Amalfitano has been serving as a periodontist in Traverse City, MI, for over 20 years. Find out more how we can help!

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We have the latest tools to perform the most advanced treatments to restore your beautiful smile.

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