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The Trouble With Tooth Loss

Not Enough Bone? No Problem.

When teeth are lost, the surrounding bone will start to wear away without the root to stimulate its growth. Over time, the bone continues to wear down, causing other teeth to shift and break. Eventually it can atrophy to the point where restoring your smile with dental implants is simply not an option. In these cases, sometimes dental implants can be placed but first the patient must undergo bone grafting that comes with a hefty healing period. There is good news for patients wanting the stability of dental implants without having enough bone volume and that is Fixed Full Mouth Implants in Traverse City, MI!

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Fixed Full Mouth Implants Has Many Benefits

In Traverse City, MI, Fixed Full Mouth Implants are uniquely designed to utilize all of your available bone and restore your entire smile with just four dental implants that are ready for immediate function. These implant supported dentures maximize all of your available bone, so in most cases bone grafting is not necessary to restore your stable bite with dental implants. This decade-old technology is tried and true with 98.5 percent of previous Fixed Full Mouth patients experiencing complete success at their four year follow-up appointments!

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Full Mouth Implants Maximize Your Available Bone

Benefits of Fixed Full Mouth Implants:

Dr. Amalfitano has studied periodontics extensively and has received advanced surgical training to provide his patients with superior periodontal healthcare. He has practiced for the past 20 years in northern Michigan. To learn more about your treatment options for permanent dentures and to schedule an appointment, please call our office at your earliest convenience.

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