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General Services for Your Convenience

Dr. Joseph Amalfitano is a periodontist in Traverse City, MI, with advanced surgical training in periodontics to provide his patients with a wide range of periodontal and general services. Whether you need basic periodontal cleanings or you would like a full mouth regeneration, Dr. Amalfitano takes pride in communicating with his patients to help them reach their dental health goals.

He provides a variety of general services for your convenience, including:


Preventive Dentistry

Keep a healthy smile for life by coming in for your routine hygiene cleanings and exams. Dr. Amalfitano can catch dental issues before they become larger and costlier problems.



We will do everything we can to save your teeth but sometimes an extraction is the best option.


Occlusal Adjustment

Fix toothaches and TMJ issues with this simple procedure. Proper occlusal adjustments also ensure the success of many periodontal therapies including laser gum surgery.


Oral Pathology Exam

Dr. Amalfitano can detect oral cancer at its earliest stages with regular oral pathology exams and could even save your life.


Guided Tissue Regeneration

Dr. Amalfitano uses special membranes to control the growth and direction of new bone and gum tissue in areas of low tissue volume. This can mean the difference between saving your teeth or losing them.


Periodontal Maintenance

Control the progression of periodontal disease and keep pocket depths low with regular maintenance cleanings.


Gum Grafting

A surgical procedure to restore areas of low tissue volume and recession. Improve the health and esthetics of your smile.



Walk in and out of our office with a whole new smile with same-day dental implants!

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