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The Dangers of Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease it is vital that you seek gum disease treatment as soon as possible to save your teeth and bone. Periodontal disease is a buildup of disease-causing bacteria that, if left untreated, will cause the loss of teeth and bone. The bacteria infect the supporting bone and connective fibers around your teeth, creating large pockets that will continue to grow and separate your teeth from your gums. These pockets cannot be cleaned out at home with regular brushing. Only a periodontist such as Dr. Joseph Amalfitano can help to prevent further damage and stop the progression of your periodontal disease.

Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery, also called flap surgery, is suggested for cases of moderate to severe gum disease when scaling and root planing have not improved the patient’s condition. The goal of this gum surgery is to remove infection and reduce the size of the pockets surrounding your teeth so they can be saved rather than lost.

The procedure is simple and involves Dr. Amalfitano making an incision in your gums to expose the infected roots of your teeth. Your teeth are cleaned of bacteria and your roots are smoothed to promote healing and reattachment of your gum tissue. Your gum tissue is trimmed and stitches are used to keep your gums is place during the healing process. Although this gum disease surgery is effective, there are newer and less invasive gum disease treatments available as well. Dr. Amalfitano will be sure to discuss all of your options for gum surgery.


Pocket Depth

Decrease in pocket depths and more comfortable routine professional teeth cleanings


Clean Teeth!

Tooth brushing more effective because of reaching previously inaccessible areas and fresh breath


No Infection

No bleeding gums when brushing and flossing and healthier mouth with no infection

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Dr. Amalfitano Affiliation

Dr. Joseph Amalfitano is a member of the American Dental Association as well as a member of the American Academy of Periodontology. He has enjoyed serving his patients in Traverse City, MI, for the past 20 years. To learn more about your options for gum disease surgery and to schedule an appointment, please call out office today!

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