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Exceptional Strength and Natural-Looking Aesthetics

If you’re living with the consequences of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, a dental implant zirconia bridge in Traverse City, MI and Cadillac, MI is a great option for transforming your smile. A zirconia bridge is versatile because it can be used to replace several missing teeth or a full arch of teeth for significantly improved smile aesthetics and oral health. Our periodontist, Dr. Joseph Amalfitano has more than 20 years’ experience delivering advanced implant and periodontal care to patients in Traverse City, MI and the surrounding area. His extensive expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art dental lab ensures superb quality control and outcomes. When you receive a fixed implant bridge in Cadillac, MI or Traverse City, MI, Dr. Amalfitano designs and mills it on-site from a solid block of zirconia, the strongest tooth-colored material used in modern implant dentistry. Unlike acrylic dentures and some other full mouth options, a full arch zirconia implant bridge won’t stain, chip or break. A fixed implant bridge secured to dental implants is truly one of the best choices for permanently replacing your failing or missing teeth!

Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

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Ceramic Steel Offers Superior Benefits

Prior to the widespread availability of dental zirconia, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFMs) were successfully used for decades. PFM crowns are fabricated with a metal-alloy interior and a porcelain exterior. Issues associated with PFM include difficulty achieving highly aesthetic restorations due to the metal substructure, gum recession exposing a grayish line and a porcelain layer that typically can’t withstand tooth grinding (bruxism). Known as ceramic steel, zirconia is considered a superior tooth replacement material due to its unparalleled functional and aesthetic results, biocompatibility and natural-looking appearance. It’s 10 times stronger than natural tooth enamel and up to five times stronger than porcelain. Zirconia is the best choice for people with a history of bruxism and/or fractured, cracked or otherwise broken restorations made from other materials. Due to its superior strength, a zirconia bridge in Traverse City, MI and Cadillac, MI will greatly reduce the need and associated costs of future prosthetic reconstruction or replacement. In addition, because zirconia has better resistance to hot and cold temperatures, it helps protect against hypersensitivity that can be a problem with other crown materials.

Fixed Versus Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges require modification to the adjacent supporting teeth on either side of the bridge. The modified teeth are more prone to nerve damage issues along with other potential problems. Furthermore, the false tooth or teeth aren’t supported by dental implants, therefore bone loss continues unchecked, which can lead to undesirable facial changes. When permanently attached to dental implants, a zirconia bridge helps ensure your jawbone remains stimulated and healthy. Once they fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration, dental implants restore nearly 100% of natural biting and chewing power.

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Permanently Restore Your Smile Beauty

While zirconia offers amazing benefits, it’s important to visit a skilled cosmetic dentist because the quality and aesthetics of zirconia restorations can vary greatly. Dr. Amalfitano has the right skills and technologies to customize a beautiful zirconia bridge that complements your facial features, gum and lip line and even your skin tone. At Amalfitano Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics, our ultimate goal is to deliver an exceptionally beautiful and durable zirconia restoration that exceeds your smile expectations! When you receive a full arch zirconia implant bridge in Traverse City, MI and Cadillac, MI, your smile will look so radiant and natural-looking, no one will know these aren’t your natural teeth!

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The Cost of a Life-Changing Zirconia Bridge

At Amalfitano Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics, we always strive to provide patients with top-quality treatment using state-of-the-art technology, techniques and materials like zirconia. Although a dental implant zirconia bridge is more expensive than less aesthetically-pleasing and functional options, it will rival your natural smile in terms of strength, beauty and longevity. The zirconia fixed bridge cost is based to a large extent on how many missing teeth need to be replaced with dental implants. In order to help everyone achieve the smile of their dreams with superior zirconia, we partner with insurance providers and offer several third-party financing options. When you decide to get a fixed zirconia bridge in Cadillac, MI and Traverse City, MI, you’ll enjoy decades of smile satisfaction!

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