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Gum Disease Affects
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Systemic Affects of Gum Disease in Traverse City, MI

Periodontal disease is a buildup of disease-causing bacteria that eat away at your soft tissue and bone. It can cause loose teeth and it can result in other serious health conditions. Because gum disease has a direct connection to your bloodstream, the harmful bacteria travels to other systems in your body and has been found to increase your risk for a number of health issues.

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Gum Disease Can Cause:

Stages of Gum Disease

Bacteria and loose teeth can affect your nutrition and your overall health. There are three main stages of gum disease including:

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Plaque and bacteria buildup around the gum line cause redness and inflammation, which is known as gingivitis. This buildup occurs when you neglect proper home care, and you might experience bleeding when you brush and floss. Gingivitis is still reversible when the irritating plaque buildup is removed from your gums.

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This occurs when the bone and supporting fibers around your teeth are damaged and start to break down. Hollow areas of infection called “pockets” form around your teeth. You cannot clean these pockets with home care, and this allows for more and more buildup of bacteria, causing further breakdown of tissue.
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Advanced Periodontitis

In the advanced stages of gum disease, the supporting bone and fibers of your teeth are damaged further, creating deeper pockets and loose teeth. Loose teeth affect your nutrition since your diet will be limited by difficulty chewing, and they will also affect your functional bite. At this stage, you must see a periodontist.

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Periodontist Dr. Amalfitano in Traverse City, MI has been in practice for 28 years and has loved serving his patients in Traverse City, MI, for the past 20 years. He is confident he can provide the most advanced procedures to treat your gum disease and save your teeth.

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