4 Benefits of Guided Tissue Regeneration

Tissue regeneration example model

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If you have lost jawbone because of gum disease or tooth loss, you’ll most likely need bone grafting to repair your smile or before you can restore lost teeth with dental implants. To help guarantee the success of this procedure (and sometimes even as a substitute for it), your dentist may use a technique called guided tissue regeneration. This technique helps your body regenerate tissues and bone that may have been lost because of gum disease. Guided tissue regeneration can sometimes be used instead of bone grafting as a minimally invasive alternative. Your periodontist will be able to determine what treatments you need after an evaluation and x-rays.


 Guided tissue regeneration has numerous benefits, including:


1.       Promotes bone regeneration. Guided tissue regeneration involves placing a special membrane between the bone and the soft tissues around a tooth. This membrane acts as a barrier so that the bone can regenerate and strengthen without interference from the faster-healing gums.

2.       Helps preserve natural teeth. Guided tissue regeneration can save natural teeth from failing due to bone loss from gum disease. By regenerating the lost bone and tissues surrounding a tooth, these restored structures will create the protective, strong foundation a tooth needs to remain healthy long-term.

3.       Improves natural aesthetics. Gum disease or other issues that cause soft tissue and bone loss around a tooth can harm the natural attractiveness of a smile. Guided tissue regeneration rebuilds these structures, reducing unsightly periodontal pockets and improving the overall aesthetics of the teeth and smile.

4.       Prepares the jaw for dental implants. Whether used alone or to complement bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration helps restore lost bone and create a strong, stable foundation for dental implants. Dense bone ensures the implant posts are secured into healthy bone and able to support new teeth long-term.


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