Benefits of 3D Imaging in the Dental Office

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One of the advantages of coming to Dr. Amalfitano’s practice is the accessibility to acquiring 3D imaging through the latest technology. Many unique cases benefit greatly from this form of diagnostic work because it allows the doctor to see images of the patient’s bone, teeth, mouth in general in highly detailed, three dimensional views. Oftentimes this tool can show us new conditions that perhaps weren’t on the patient’s radar before, and allows us to treat issues in the most efficient and precise ways possible. 3D imaging helps with diagnosing and treatment planning in several ways. For example, we are able to see the quality of bone present, sinus and nerve locations, and therefore have the ability to avoid potential complications during actual treatment. This imaging does not require the use of x rays and therefore reduces the radiation exposure for patients as well. It’s an excellent tool for showing patient’s their own anatomy and helping them understand exactly what the doctor is talking about when it comes to the patient’s own case. We are excited to provide 3D imaging in our office and stay on the cutting edge of technology in the dental field.

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