Did you know that sedation dentistry has helped more patients than those with dental anxiety? Even if you don’t fear going to the dentist, but have a sensitive gag reflex or get restless easily, sedation can benefit you, too! Your dentist will be able to help you determine which type of sedation is right for your specific needs. A variety of patients can take advantage of sedation dentistry, including those with:


Mild to severe dental anxiety or phobia

Sedation is most commonly used for patients who have dental anxiety or dental phobia about the dentist or dental procedures. Sedation options range from nitrous oxide and oral sedation to IV sedation and general anesthesia.


Sensitive gag reflex

Patients with a sensitive gag reflex may find it impossible to complete their dental appointments comfortably. Sedation helps put patients into a deep state of relaxation that minimizes or reduces their gag reflex during the duration of the appointment.


Complex dental problems

If you require more complex or lengthy treatment, sedation can help you remain relaxed and calm. Stronger and more customizable forms of sedation, such as IV sedation, can provide deeply relaxing effects that help your treatment speed by as you rest comfortably.


Problems sitting still

Patients are too fidgety or have conditions like Restless Leg Syndrome may find it difficult to complete dental appointments. Sedation provides calming effects that can help put a patient’s mind and body in a relaxed state.


A fear of needles

If you are nervous about dental treatment because you fear needles, sedation can help. Solutions like oral sedation (anti-anxiety medication pill) and nitrous oxide help you feel calm and relaxed and do not require needles.


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