Gum Recession, Gummy Smile: Perfecting Your Smile with a Better Gum Line

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Symmetries factor in heavily to the aesthetics of a smile, and your gum line can have a tremendous impact on it just how symmetrical elements of your smile are. A receding gum line can make it appear as if some of your teeth are getting longer, while a gummy smile can make some of your teeth look much shorter than the others. Your local periodontist can treat either case, using crown lengthening for that gummy smile or laser gum surgery for teeth that appear to be growing. Take a look at what these procedures entail.

Treating Gum Recession

When gum disease starts to eat away at the gum line, it’s often best to perform addition by subtraction. To get a completely healthy gumline, your dentist will remove decaying tissue form it to ultimately stop the spread of the disease.

There are two common approaching:

Laser gum treatment – this approach entails using dental lasers to efficiently eradicate diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. The approach is minimally invasive, requires no stitches and heals quickly

Conventional gum – this route entails using a scalpel to carefully remove decaying gum tissue. In the most severe cases, conventional gum surgery is often the only way forward.

Crown Lengthening

Gum disease doesn’t always just eat away at the gumline. It can also inflame the gums, causing the gum line to expand and move forward. The result: you have too much gum in your smile and not enough of the pearly whites.

Crown lengthening is a versatile procedure that entails removing or contouring the gums, and sometimes a little of the bone underneath, to show off more of your teeth in your smile. In some cases, in which the teeth have been eroded by gum disease or the teeth are naturally stubby, your dentist may recommend getting dental crowns to extend the length of your teeth.

More on Crown Lengthening in Traverse City, MI

Reserve an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about laser gum surgery and crown lengthening in Traverse City, MI.

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