Laser Gum Surgery: More Efficient Performance, Less Downtime for You

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Over time, the mild swelling or the gums and irritation when brushing will start to do irreversible damage to your teeth and gums as gum disease progresses from gingivitis to periodontitis and eventually to advanced periodontitis. The sooner you act to get your gum disease under control, the more treatment options you’ll have available – including laser dentistry.

Dentures lasers such as the LANAP® protocol have modernized gum disease treatment, helping dentists treat decay more efficiently and minimizing the recovery time for the patient. Take a look at what makes laser dentistry so efficient, while affording your quicker recovery times.

Efficient Performance

The aim of both conventional and laser gum surgery is the same. The goal is to removed decaying tissue to help prevent gum disease from destroying healthy tissue. But compared to conventional gum surgery, laser gum therapy is much more efficient in removing diseased gum tissue. The highly focused, highly tuned light of dental lasers are pinpoint accurate and make it much easier for a dentist to avoid removing portions of healthy tissue will targeting decaying tissue.

Less Downtime

The increased precision and accuracy of dental lasers mean laser gum surgery is much less painful conventional means, which employs the use of scalpels to removed decaying tissue. That also means that you’ll experience much less bleeding and discomfort when undergoing laser gum surgery.

Because you’d experience much less bleeding, if any, with laser gum therapy, you won’t require stitches at the end of your procedure. And yes, this also means that your recovery time will be much shorted. But on top of that, you won’t need an additional appointment to have your stitches removed.


While laser gum therapy can be effective for mild to severe cases of gum disease, some of the more severe cases are still best served by conventional gum surgery. The sooner you seek gum disease treatment, the more likely laser gum surgery will still be an option for you.

More on Laser Gum Surgery in Cadillac, MI

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