The Importance of Socket Preservation After Tooth Extraction

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If you need a tooth extracted or have recently lost a tooth, your periodontist may recommend a treatment called socket preservation. This is because, when a tooth is removed or falls out, a small hole (the tooth socket) remains where the tooth roots once were secured in the bone. There are a few reasons why this protective bone grafting procedure is often recommended:


Prevent a Dry Socket

One of the dangers of tooth extraction and an unhealed tooth socket is what’s known as a dry socket. This painful condition develops when the healthy blood clot becomes loose or dislodged, exposing the sensitive nerve beneath. If left untreated, a dry socket can become infected and harm existing bone, tissues, and surrounding teeth. Socket preservation helps prevent this condition from happening to eliminate the chances of pain and infection after a tooth extraction.


Preserve the Bone

Socket preservation also helps to preserve the health and structure of your natural bone. During the procedure, the bone graft material is packed directly into the empty socket. Filling this space helps prevent resorption of the bone without stimulation from the natural tooth. This can reduce the risk of remaining teeth shifting out of place and altering the bite as the bone will shrink at a much slower rate.


Prepare for Dental Implants

Another reason for socket preservation is to prepare the bone for a dental implant to be placed at a future date. To safely place a dental implant, the bone needs to have adequate density and volume. Preserving the bone at the time of a tooth extraction can better guarantee that the bone will still be strong and dense enough to not need bone grafting at the time of implant placement.


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