4 Advantages of All-Inclusive Dental Implant Treatment

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Dental implants are considered one of the best ways to replace one or more missing teeth. But the thought of spending many hours in appointments at different specialist offices leaves some patients wondering if treatment is worth it. Even for the amazing long-term results dental implants provide, the time-consuming treatment over months (and sometimes years) can be a lot to consider. Thankfully, implant specialists have made it possible to significantly reduce dental implant treatment times by completing all phases of your treatment in a single location!


All-inclusive dental implant treatment in one location has many advantages for patients, including:


1.       Convenience

All your appointments—consultation, diagnostics, and surgeries—are completed in a single location. This makes your treatment process incredibly convenient as you’ll only need to travel to and from one practice for your treatment. You’ll also only have to interact with one team of dental specialists.

2.       Quality

Treatment in a single location and by one team means your implant dentist has full control over the quality of your diagnostics, materials, surgery, and temporary restoration. The doctor completing your surgery won’t need to collaborate between a restorative dentist or dental lab (in many cases), reducing the risk for communication errors.

3.       Efficiency

When all phases of your treatment are completed in one location, it greatly improves the efficiency of your care. Your implant dentist can accomplish more per appointment so you can enjoy fewer appointments. In most cases, you’ll be able to receive preparatory treatments and your temporary prosthesis the same day as your dental implant placement.

4.       Experience

Dental specialists like periodontists who have the training and technology to offer comprehensive in-office treatment, or even same-day treatment, have spent years placing (and sometimes restoring) dental implants. They have the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience to provide personalized treatment, even if a patient has severe bone loss or gum disease.


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