How LANAP® Helps Treat Gum Disease

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Gum disease should be treated at the first signs of gingivitis, the beginning stage of this dangerous and progressive condition. However, if you have left this disease to progress and damage your gum tissue and bone, seeking treatment not only saves your smile but can prevent tooth loss as well! You have the option to treat your gum disease with LANAP®, the minimally invasive alternative to traditional scalpel-based osseous surgery.


What Is LANAP?

LANAP, also known as Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses a special dental laser to eradicate disease and restore oral structures needed for a healthy and functional smile. This technique requires specialized hands-on training and certification before a dentist or dental specialist can offer this solution for patients. LANAP uses a PerioLase MVP-7 Nd:YAG dental laser that pulses at the perfect wavelength (1064) to eradicate diseased tissue and bacteria while passing gently through healthy tissues. This makes LANAP significantly more precise and comfortable than osseous surgery.


How LANAP Restores Your Smile

Using the specialized dental lasers of LANAP, your periodontist will shine the intense laser light along the tooth surfaces and deep in the periodontal pockets. The laser then eradicated diseased tissues, bacteria, and pathologic proteins. Then the teeth are cleaned, and the bone is reshaped before the laser is used to cauterize the areas surrounding the teeth. LANAP is the only dental laser FDA-approved for True Regeneration™ of the soft tissues and bone to encourage reattachment of the tissue to the teeth to reduce periodontal pocket depth. With proper healing, the soft tissues and bone will be healthy and strong, providing the necessary support for natural teeth or dental implants.


Benefiting from LANAP

·         No scalpels or incisions

·         Minimal post-op downtime

·         Less pain and bleeding

·         Accelerated healing

·         Regeneration of tissues


Schedule Your Consultation

Concerned your gum disease is affecting your smile and health? Schedule a LANAP consultation and evaluation in our Periodontal Office in Traverse City, MI with your local periodontist today.

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