Beyond Enjoying Food: The Other Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

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For many people looking forward to life with new Full Mouth Dental Implants, there’s only one thing on their minds: fully enjoying food again. However, the benefits of this economical, permanent solution for tooth loss doesn’t end with being able to fully chew food. The restoration of biting and chewing function alone makes full mouth dental implants worth it to many people, but there are many significant benefits to replacing missing teeth with implants. Take a look at some of the other benefits of committing to full mouth dental implants.

A more defined smile

A new set of full mouth dental implants won’t just help fill out your smile with new teeth. It’ll also help preserve the contours of your smile and could even help improve it.

Teeth keep the jawbones stimulated, each time they’re used to bite and chew. When teeth are lost, the jawbones begin to deteriorate. Because dental implants act like the roots of natural teeth, your full mouth dental implants can stop your jawbones from deteriorating and can even aid in the regeneration of new bone.

Speak and Be Understood

Your full mouth dental implants will hold your replacement teeth firmly in place. You won’t have to worry about them slipping out of place and distorting your words, as is common with conventional dentures.


Full mouth dental implants are the most economical solution for replacing a mouth of teeth. The use of just four implants per row of teeth helps bring down the costs. And because you’re less likely to need bone grafting with full mouth dental implants, you save money if your dentist finds that you don’t’ need grafting to support your implants.

Like Cleaning Natural Teeth

Cleaning your replacement teeth and dental implants will feel more akin to brushing natural teeth than cleaning dentures.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Traverse City, MI

Take a minute to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting full mouth dental implants in Traverse City, MI.

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