Dental Implants: How Much Discomfort Can I Expect?

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Even people without a strong imagination probably won’t have troubling conjuring up all sorts of nightmarish ideas about what it feels like having dental implants inserted into the jawbone. But it turns out, dental implants patients experience very little discomfort. And if they completely follow their doctor’s aftercare instructions, they typically experience very little discomfort following the procedure as well. Take a look at why you won’t have to worry about your dental implant placement procedure being a painful experience.

Why Implant Placement won’t’ Be Painful

While general anesthesia might seem like the most palatable route for some dental implant patients, local anesthesia is the best choice. General anesthesia can put you to sleep for hours and there are more risks involved with it. Because of all of the planning that goes into the procedure and the surgical guides your dentist will use, implant placement surgery is relatively quick. It’s so quick, that you might still be soundly asleep at the end of surgery if you had undergone general anesthesia.

Here’s why local anesthesia is more than enough to get you through surgery comfortably:

·         It can completely numb your entire mouth

·         They only sensation you’ll feel is mild to moderate pressure

·         It works fast, so your dentist can administer more should its effects begin to taper

Why Your Recovery Won’t Be Painful

While your implant placement procedure will be comfortable for the most part, the comfort of your recovery period will depend on how closely you follow your doctor’s instructions. Keep in mind that’s swelling and tenderness is expected at the implant sites in your mouth.

Here’s a quick look at some of the many things your doctor will likely recommend you do after surgery:

·         Take over-the-counter pain killers to minimize the discomfort and inflammation

·         Ice the implant sites in roughly ten-minute intervals

·         Keep your head elevated when you sleep to keep pressure off the implant sites

·         Get plenty of rest to keep healing on track

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