How a Periodontist Can Help Maintain or Improve Your Smile

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Past a certain point, the damage done by gum disease is no longer reversible. This point is known as periodontitis, advanced gum disease. And once periodontitis has developed, brushing and flossing alone will no longer be enough.  You’ll need to turn to a doctor who specializes in treating periodontitis, a “periodontist.” Take a look at some of the things an experienced periodontist can do to help improve or maintain your smile.

Laser Gum Therapy

Gum recession can give off the appearance that your teeth are getting longer. Eventually, gum recession will expose the roots of teeth and accelerate tooth decay.

Laser gum therapy entails using laser light to eradicate decaying gum tissue, while leaving the healthy areas of the gums intact. The minimally invasive therapy entails minimal discomfort, minimal bleeding and much faster healing times than conventional gum surgery.

Dental Implants

Conventional dentures can fill in for natural teeth, but they don’t even come close to matching their cutting and chewing power. Dental implants do. Dental implants are titanium components that are embedded into the jawbone, just like the roots of natural teeth. Replacement teeth are fixed to the implants, which provide a firm and reliable foundation for chewing and talking.

Scaling and Root Planing

When plaque hardens into tartar on the teeth, the tartar buildup will eventually dip below the gum line. A scaling and root planing procedure can remove the tartar buildup and help reduce the pockets of space this buildup creates between the gums and the roots of teeth. Scaling entails removing the tartar from the roots of teeth and planing smooths over the scaled surfaces to help the gums reattach to roots uniformly.

Ridge Preservation

Bone in the jaw area may be lost after a tooth has been extracted or lost. Ridge preservation help to preserve the shape of the jawbone and the socket in which the tooth once sat. Ridge preservation can help ensure that you’re a strong candidate for dental implants if you opt to replace the missing tooth one day.

Talk with a Periodontist in Traverse City, MI

Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a periodontist in Traverse City, MI to get an examination of your smile and to start a new treatment course if necessary.

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