Reclaim Your Smile with Laser Gum Surgery

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Once gum disease advances beyond its early stages, much of the damage it does is irreversible. The more time that passes without treating gum disease, the fewer treatment options you’ll have available.

Laser gum surgery is one of the most effective and least invasive treatment options for bringing a smile back from the bring of severe gum disease. Yet, it’s one of those treatment options that are only available if treatment is sought soon enough. Take a look at how laser gum surgery works and find out why you should ask your doctor about it sooner rather than later.

How Laser Gum Surgery Works

Going the conventional route, the dentist will numb your gums with a local anesthetic and will use a scalpel to carefully remove diseased gum tissue. With the decaying tissue removed, the remaining healthy tissue will be preserved.

With laser gum surgery, the scalpel is replaced with laser light and the anesthesia is simply not necessary. Laser gum surgery is based on the same principles as conventional gum surgery. Finely tuned laser light is used to carefully eradicate diseased gum tissue, while leaving the healthy areas intact.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

The ability to get through laser gum surgery with very little discomfort, and without the need for a local anesthetic, is just one of the many benefits of laser gum surgery.

These are some of the other top benefits of opting for laser therapy to treat gum disease:

  • Highly efficient – there’s much less of a chance healthy tissue will be removed along with the decaying tissue
  • Minimal bleeding – you’ll experience minimal bleeding
  • No stitches – you won’t need sutures to help your gums heal
  • Fast healing – your gums will heal faster than they would with conventional gum surgery
  • No additional appointments – because you won’t need to have sutures removed, you’ll spend less time at the dentist’s office.

More on Laser Gum Surgery in Traverse City, MI

Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for laser gum surgery in Traverse City, MI.

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