How LANAP® Compares to Osseous Surgery

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When it comes to treating gum disease, the two most effective solutions are laser dentistry and osseous surgery. Both options are proven to eradicate disease and improve oral health, but many patients don’t understand the differences between the two. LANAP® is one of the leading laser dentistry options and it differs from osseous surgery because it utilizes gentle laser light to perform treatment. But does technology triumph over tried-and-true treatments?

LANAP vs. Osseous Surgery

Gentleness of Treatment
When comparing the two treatments, many patients are curious on how painful the procedure is. When it comes to gentleness, LANAP is often considered to be the winner here. While most dentists will use sedation during osseous surgery to block discomfort, many patients do not even need that when choosing LANAP. The gentle laser light effectively eradicates infected tissue without the need for scalpels. In many cases, there is minimal bleeding with LANAP as well.

Speed of Removing Infection
Not many people want to sit in the dental chair and receive a surgery for very long. So getting treatment completed in a timely manner is important. With LANAP, the laser is able to quickly work on infection in multiple areas of the mouth during one session. But with osseous surgery, patients often have to schedule second appointments because many times only one area of the mouth can be worked on at a specific time.

Recovery Time After Treatment
After receiving care, there is always a recovery time, but with LANAP, the recovery is often minimal. Thanks to the gentle laser light, there is no need for cutting or sutures, so most people feel back to their normal self the very next day. Osseous surgery involves surgically removing infected tissue and suturing the gums closed. This often creates recovery times that last a week or more.

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