Does Experience Matter for Dental Implant Treatment?

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As an advanced surgical procedure, dental implants is a solution for tooth loss that you would not want to trust to just anyone. When implants are placed correctly, patients can get a lifetime of healthy, functional, and attractive smiles that look practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. However, when an unskilled doctor performs the treatment, there is a higher chance of implant failure, improper positioning, and even nerve damage. So when you are making the commitment to your oral and overall health with dental implants, choosing the right dentist will make a big difference!

Better Chance for Long Term Success
When you have an experienced doctor place your dental implants, you are setting yourself up for long term success. Dental implants are so incredible because they can last a lifetime with proper placement, care, and routine dental appointments. But if an inexperienced doctor places the implants, there is a chance they are rejected by the body, are placed at an incorrect position, or just won’t survive for years to come. By choosing a skilled doctor, you can feel confident that your implants will be placed successfully the first time.

Better Able to Handle Complications
While we never expect you to have complications with your dental implant treatment, there is always a chance. By working with an experienced doctor, you can trust that they have the skill and know-how to handle these issues in a professional and safe manner. The more dental implant cases your doctor has performed, the higher chance they have encountered a mouth or problem similar to yours, which gives them the previous knowledge on how to address the complication.

Better Smile Aesthetics
An experienced dental implant doctor understands how to place your implants to have them look natural within your smile. You’ll want your new teeth to be positioned in line with your existing teeth and their color to match. An experienced doctor can make sure all this is ideally created to give you a smile you can feel confident in! The last thing you’ll want is a new permanent dental implant looking crooked or overly white when compared to other teeth.

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