The Top 4 Benefits of PIEZOSURGERY®

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The term “piezosurgery” may sound foreign to the normal ear, but in dentistry, it refers to an innovative technique that has many benefits for patients. For surgery involving your jawbone, such as tooth extractions, bone grafting (sinus lift), gum disease therapy, and implant site preparation, piezosurgery makes a significant difference in terms of your comfort level and procedural accuracy.


What Is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery is a technique whereby bone is gently cut using ultrasonic vibrations instead of with traditional motorized drills or burs. This low-frequency device enables the dentist to remove bone without harming fragile soft tissues, which is a usual occurrence with more conventional methods. Piezosurgery allows for more precise and clean cuts, with more predictable and healthy outcomes.


How Patients Benefit from Piezosurgery

1.       Precision

Conventional drills and burs are difficult to control and generate large amounts of heat due to friction. Piezosurgery by nature is significantly more precise and accurate than these methods due to its low-frequency vibrations. This reduces the risk of damaging surrounding soft tissues, sinus membranes, nerves, and arteries during surgery.

2.       Comfort

Conventional burs and drills cause anxiety and discomfort for most patients, due to their noisy and invasive natures. Piezosurgery, contrarily, is a much less intrusive procedure that results in less swelling, pain, and bleeding, as well as minimal noise and heat.

3.       Recovery

Due to the minimal invasiveness of piezosurgery, recovery from surgeries involving this technique is faster and healthier than with conventional surgery. Most patients experience little post-operative discomfort or pain.

4.       Safety

Because of the low vibrations and precision during the procedures, piezosurgery is an incredibly safe alternative to conventional treatment. The risk of infection after surgery is also minimized with this technique, as the micro-vibrations and irrigation help halt bleeding and sterilize the site.


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