Why Bone Loss Occurs and How Your Dentist Can Help

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Most patients never realize that they can lose bone in their jaw. This area of the mouth is typically taken for granted, but jaw bone deterioration can occur if you suffer oral trauma, from gum disease, or even missing teeth that have not bee replaced. When we lose bone in our jaw, it actually hurts our appearance and oral functionality. However, bone loss is an easily preventable and treatable issue. With timely treatment from an experienced dentist, the causes of bone loss can be addressed beforehand, and if bone has already been deteriorated, there are solutions to help restore it.

The Purpose of Our Jaw Bone
The jaw bone is used to hold our teeth in place and allow for proper chewing. When patients are missing teeth and have not replaced them with a dental implant, the jaw bone goes unused in these areas of gaps. Because there is no bone stimulation, the bone natural resorbs, which causes the face to get a sunken appearance and can lead to shifting of surrounding teeth. As the jaw bone thins, it makes it harder to eat and speak and, eventually, you may begin to loose additional teeth.

How Your Dentist can Help
If you’ve experienced jaw bone deterioration or worry that you show signs of it, know that you aren’t alone and there is a solution. Your dentist can help in a variety of ways. Ideally, catching bone loss before it happens is ideal. Your dentist can identify signs of bone loss and offer treatment methods right away. If the cause is from infection, your dentist can begin a gum disease treatment process to eradicate the infection and prevent deterioration. If bone loss has already begun, bone grafting is a treatment that is often used to restore what is lost. Bone grafting is a treatment that adds bone material to areas where it is lacking, and over time, this will fuse with existing bone for a natural and firm hold.

Prevent Bone Loss with Dental Implants
One of the most common problems that cause bone loss is missing teeth. While bone grafting can restore lost bone, without stimulation of the bone, deterioration will continue to occur. By placing a dental implant in the area where a tooth is lost, the implant post will stimulate the jaw bone and prevent more deterioration. Additionally, replacing a tooth will allow you to to have a complete smile again and enjoy all the benefits that brings.

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